SAN FRANCISCO, CA (5/12)- The fashion community and #fashionistas gathered at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria in San Francisco, California for the STORM Immersive Fashion Installation by REVE Creative was described by organizers as,"This is not your ordinary show, and you are not a proper viewer. You are the essential part of the Runway. You are on the display. You are the Centerpiece. The show occurs around you, immerses you in extraordinary experience of unveiling splendid beauty of MODA. Phenomenal designers with mind-changing collections from around the globe will revival their art, inspiration and process behind the fashion creations...." See: Ashley Betty of Chico, California noted that, "Beauty is pain!' citing the chaotic nature prior to the fashion show. Sylvia Paret of San Francisco, stated, "I'm lookin forward to what the concept is and how they put it into practice..." Fashion startup leaders including Lauren Monday, Official Boss Lash Club founder and CEO, (see: promoted her line of products noting, "Luury eyelashes at an affordable price, which can be accessed definitely online, but as well at 70 locations , including at most tanning salons across Northern California..." Michelle Flinn of San Francisco, Lucky Collective, Bare Snacks stated,"I have never been to an immersive fashion of this kind before. I'm kind of excited to see how they will make it pop out and more interactive!" Venus Templonuevo, Arted Couture, came to the event sayin,"I'm fascinated with the talent and to see who the movers and the shakers are. We have social media sensations here and a fabulous body of talent including a showcase of male models which gives us ladies something to look at I'm curious to see who the designers are and how they have implemented sustainable design in mind..." Jen Prado Brezac, Pure Red, said of the event,"It's fabulous. I'm having a great time, This evening is made better, bringing fashion, fun, and friendship altogether, indulging all the senses..." Lara Albertsen of Danville, California, Jolie Salon and Spa, described the event as, "High energy, cutting edge on all of the fashions. The event captures the excitement of the moment of fresh , cutting-edge, just off the presses, and mind-blowing..." Johnna J ,Johnna J Design, & Lilly, Lily Marotto said of the event,"It looks like a night to remember. It's a great time with friends in the fashion industry. We're a big family here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We don't compete against each other. We always support each other..." Kamilla Shnapek praised the event, saying, "San Francisco culture penetrated and permeated through the walls. The environment was infused into the fashion. It felt like the designs blended well with the environment with various pieces of tapestry and swatches..." Pointing to the fashion collections, Shnapek pointed out,"I loved the black dress with bronze wraps. It was truly unique. It showed a lot of depth and layers. With the scarves, I loved that Damian displayed a lot of beautiful pieces that displayed a thoughtful design...." Summing up the design, Shnapek stated,"There is a real Burnin Man feel to the event. It feels like Haute Couture meets Burning Man!!" Savòna Charissè, STYLE EQUATION MAGAZINE, said of the event,"This is my first time here. The styles are amazing. The installation concept is incredible. It allows people to view the event from every angle and they don't have to in any specific area..." One contingent of students led by Isis Simone Bryant, Beyond the Front Row, noted, "We're from Beyond the Front Row, a student organization from the Academy of Art University. I'm the president. I'm excited to see the models and pieces filter through the seats. I'm excited to see the innovative designs. One particular piece utilized LED lights..." Model Mary Navarro stated ,"It was dope! It was awesome! It was provocative and unique! Overall, it was a great experience...." Model Natalie Grey noted about the event,"This is my very first runway! The environment and the nature of the runway is an exhilarating experience..." RÊVE - Dream Away Internationally describes itself as,"a creative incubator for people around the world specialized in entrepreneurship, art, design, fashion, architecture, photography, beauty, lifestyle and focusing on doing amazing things to fulfill people’s lives. Our goal is to develop a network of creative people to exchange experiences, know-how, enhance individual creativity, skills, talent, nurture the growth and personal development...." It's vision is to,"open to everyone who has the initiative to create and to be a part of creative team. We welcome all skill levels and experiences, and believe that everyone will learn something new. We work through a referral system to expand and extend your business. We help each other with the creative process. In addition, we work on the global level so you can connect with any professional internationally and share the experience in 3 continents: Asia, North America, and Europe...." At the end of the event, Elena Rubtsova said,"I think its very amazing how the ideas have come to life. It's very impressive!" Inna Harbove, co-founder of REVE, said,"It has been a tremendous success, with a rollercoaster of ups and downs, putting together this event. However we did a great job. Now we are reaching out to television and magazines with the hope they will be able to give attention to the young designers and models, and hopefully provide a platform to rise from...." According to its website, " RÊVE - Dream Away Internationally is a community that has currently about 12,000+ creative people and still growing. We are organizing creative events on a regular basis such as Runway Shows, Photography Installations, Art Exhibitions, Creative Collaborations, Networking Events, and Workshops. We work on the global level, so you can connect with any professionals locally and internationally, and share your experience among three continents: Asia, North America, and Europe...." Sofia Gorelik of San Francisco said of the event,"We love it, especially the fact that it is in San Francisco. Normally we would have to go to go to New York or Los Angeles to have a show like this. We would certainly like to see more events like this..." - Jose Ricardo G. Bondoc ###





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